About BMLC, Inc.

Welcome!  We are honored to be the liaison group bringing together the Beale AFB military community and its surrounding area’s civilian communities to better serve each other.  As you peruse our site, we hope you find it informative, inspiring and motivational.  Most of all, we hope you’ll lend your support in gratitude for all our Air Force does to protect us and our freedom around the globe.

Founded in 1985, BMLC (Beale Military Liaison Council) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that raises funds and awareness for programs that support Beale AFB and make a difference in the lives of the men,  women and their families stationed there.

BMLC maintains ongoing dialogue with Air Force leaders, elected officials and relevant community organizations to ensure Beale, the center for High Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or HAISR, remains viable and top of mind.

Our Vision

The main priority is to make a difference for Beale.

What We Do

Advocacy for Beale

Many objectives are achieved through our advocacy initiatives that emphasize the critical importance of Beale’s missions to our national security and its economic impact to our region.

Through frequent meetings and communication with elected officials, in California and Washington DC, and in conjunction with Air Force leadership at Beale, Air Combat Command and the Pentagon, BMLC advocates to grow and improve Beale AFB.

Education about Beale

Special events are mission critical as they raise money and awareness not only to the needs of Beale’s Airmen and their families but of the regional economic impact Beale AFB provides.

Partnering for Beale

Our mission includes an unwavering commitment to enhance the quality of life for Beale Airmen and their families by improving their facilities, their welfare and morale and ultimately, their experience at Beale AFB and within our communities.  Some objectives are directly accomplished through our fundraising efforts and the generous support of the communities surrounding Beale.

Community Support

Our Supporters and Corporate Partners play a key role in helping us accomplish our mission.  Without the financial support of our surrounding communities, BMLC can’t survive.  Individual citizens and local businesses alike, throughout Yuba, Sutter, Butte, Nevada, Placer and Sacramento Counties, provide their time and money, which leads to success.

BMLC is a key way our communities give back to Beale.